Mingle Promotions is one of the leading event organizing and advertising companies in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. At Mingle Promotions the objective is to make corporate identity, brand management, and marketing one of the top priorities for companies. With insight in to the latest marketing concepts and trends, Mingle provides services that exceed client’s expectations and therefore enable them to better meet marketing objectives. Mingle’s unwavering commitment to creativity, ingenuity, and quality is evident in the provision of service. One of the recent creations of Mingle is Acacia Jazz & world music festival. We also had the privilege of working with a few well-known local and international artists for the last 25 years in Los Angeles and here in Ethiopia such as Tilahun Gessese, Mahmoud Ahmed, Aster Aweke, Kuku Sebsebe, and Niway Debebe.

Mingle also had an opportunity to work with renowned companies like COCA-COLA, ETHIOPIAN AIR LINES and SAMSUNG just to name a few. Mingle has come to understand that an effective marketing campaign begins with exceptionally creative ideas, a wealth of marketing design and promotional expertise to draw upon. We work to design marketing strategies and communication that make company’s messages standout from its competitors and leave a lasting impression.

In addition to the above services, Mingle Promotions also publishes a quarterly magazine called “Serguide” the first and only wedding planning guide in Ethiopia.

In response to the country's growing need for a more comprehensive easy-to-use bridal guide, Mingle Promotions has launched Serguide 2009, a magazine and web based directory specializing in connecting brides with leading wedding professionals and vendors across Ethiopia.

The web directory offers a number of vendors and service providers aimed at helping brides with planning their big day. The site is designed specifically for diasporas as well as those living in Ethiopia to find an organized information enabling quick and efficient results.